Sunday, April 11

selby lust



Gucci Bike 

Saturday, April 3

dylan @merriweather

how I knew he was the one -

he took me to see dylan.  why?  not because he wanted to see him (which he totally did) but because he knew dylan was my fave & I had never seen him - & because I told him that I knew my previous ex wasn't the one, as he would not take me to see him because he "hated his music."
So we went &sat in the grass &drank beers &took it all in.
&I love RSB more each and every day


RSB's newest venture - reworking the tunes of GD - fuckin awesome

hit the reservoir bright and early to get some trail time in - logged in at a little over 9000 steps this morning.  Decided that we must be able to run this route in 4 weeks time.

I have taken to wearing a pedometer to make sure I am getting in a minimum of 10,000 steps a day.

Two days of 4 mile plus hikes on hilly roads has definitely taken its toll on my lazy legs.  Looks like I have a hot evening ahead of my hanging out in a super soft nightshirt and lazily doing nothing -

love it.  especially that dull ache in my legs - they feel like they are coming alive again -

I hope the 2 pitchers of mimosas and crab bene at Mother's post workout didn't diminish the hard work we put in today -

although there is nothing like jumbo lump benes for breakfast as a reward...

Friday, April 2

the edge

Come to the edge, he said. 

They said: We are afraid. 

Come to the edge, he said. 

They came. 

He pushed them and they flew.

*girl crush*