Sunday, January 23

Thursday, January 13

Faces & Spaces

Some Spaces & Faces Rockin my Socks right now ~

Cozy Warm Deliciousness

Muted colors & pattern perfection

dreamy boho kitchen ~ I am dying for the rug ~
&the art reminds me a little place in San Fran that had the most killer eggs bene 
& Haight Ashbury kitsch all in one

I want a drum side table.  Now.

I am dying for this industrial yet earthy dining room table ~

so fucking cool (via the Sartorialist)

dreamy backyard scene (via Lucky)

nude & black - love

Sunday, January 9

and the preacher said "you know you always have the lord by your side"

simple things

2011 has been low key thus far
no great adventures
lack of photo ops
lack of motivation to do much of anything

a few simple moments of sheer simple bliss
coffee perfection on a snowy saturday morning
filled with blog inspirations for decorating my space
music samplings

quiet simplicity