Sunday, May 23


some things bringing super smiles to my face today

signing the lease on a new place I love &I am completely stoked to create my new home - any chance to deco is definitely worthy of a fist pump
& finally being able to create a home here in Charm City as opposed to just a place to lay my head (at least for the time being)

dear dear faithful lost -
you have kept me mesmerized during your entire run.
&tonight it is all coming to an end.
Between losing you &jack bauer whatever will RSB &I have to watch together???
I mean until Sons returns in September (yay Peggy Bundy for being in 2 of my favest shows)
So many questions -
Please do not disappoint.

RSB, my soul - ever so patient with my manic behavior - 
can't wait to snuggle in for the 4 hour lost-a-thon with you -

Neverending pots of coffee from local yokel coffee shop - thank you for keeping me going today 
&probably fueling my all night study session


Saturday, May 22

-and then I forgot it

Once I discovered the meaning of life - love - exisistence - everything.
It was sitting on a dock on a clear day in January in South Tahoe.  It was perfectly silent, wonderfully grey, 50 degree day that you get right before a storm rolls in.
We got Starbucks and ate brownies of the most heady variety.  Gifted, wonderfully chocolatey decandent dank goodness.  We munched on them on the short drive to the dock.  Nestled amongst the mountain, white and seeming so small.  There was a vastness to the indescribable blue of the glass smooth water, lapping softly on the wood.  There was greyish old snow on the ground, slowly melting, running over the rocks into the water.
We sat there for hours.  Taking it all in.  In silence, drinking our coffees and thoughts racing, perfect calm.
Finally the pulsating waves grew further apart.
&there was a second I grasped it all - understood everything.
&instantly forgot

heres to the chance to discover it all again