Monday, September 6

35 by 35

Tis the time for lists - they are everywhere - of course mine marks no particular milestone - except that every day is a new beginning ~~~below are 35 things to accomplish before 35 (April 10, 2014)

1.  Drive cross country - the plains, the peaks, the Americana - take it all in - while driving down a desert highway on a Harley Davidson sounds like freedom to me, realistic me would be happy to do so in a car.

2.  Learn to surf.

3.  Hike to the top of a mountain and take it all in.

4.  Read 250 more books - that works out to about 71/year.

5.  Write a novel.

6.  Live by the sea.

7.  Live far away from the city.

8.  Go to Hawaii.

9.  Watch the Northern Lights in Alaska.

10.  Drive the California coast.  Visit Big Sur.

11.  Stand on a cliff overlooking the sea.

12.  Learn to SCUBA dive.

13.  Lay in a field in the middle of nowhere and watch the Harvest Moon.

14.  Explore Maryland - try to plan a road trip once a month to a town where we've never been and immerse ourselves in the culture.

15.  Photograph it all -

16.  Run a 5k.

17.  Learn a new dish a month - take cooking classes - invite friends over for wine and to sample new cooking ways.

18.  Find the thing that makes me ecstatically happy and indulge in it.

19.  Spend way too much on a timeless a) purse  b) pair of heels & c) watch

20.  Volunteer time, money, love, something (without any thought to how it will benefit me)

21.  Go back to school.

22.  Pick a topic that interests me and immerse myself in everything I can in regards to said topic, moving on to a new one by month's end.  Art, religion, music, philosopher - the sky is the limit - to be a student again (on my own terms).

23.  Fill my home with only items I love, wear only clothing I love, devote my time to interests that I love -

24.  Take a train ride up the east coast in the fall.  Maybe to Maine (14 hours!)  Maybe somewhere coastal along the way -

25.  Camp out under the stars.  Swim in cool fall water.  Unplug somewhere with my love.

26.  Go to the Sea of Cortez.

27.  Discover the secret to making Busch's She Crab Soup.

28.  Get a boat - spend weekends sleeping on said boat.

29.  Cliff dive.

30.  Make it a priority to catch the sunsets and sunrises in this life.

31.  Discover the perfect coffee bean.

32.  Wake up on the beach after a night of drinking heady wine under the stars with my love.

33.  Go on a long distance bike ride.

34.  Institute a yearly girls only adventure.

35.  Plant an herb garden (&not kill everything within 2 weeks)