Thursday, February 11

Please see if she's wearing a coat so warm ~ to keep her from the howling winds

Apparently the last few rounds of storms that we have had in the Baltimore area are historic, record breaking.  Now they were hardly even flurries in comparison to some of the storms I have seen out in Tahoe in January but people were very unprepared and were panicking like it was freaking Armageddon.  Granted, we WERE snowed in.  The roads were disastrous and the snow was 4 - 6 feet high when all was said and done.  But I enjoyed watching every flake dance in the gusting winds - there is a certain peace and almost eerie silence that accompanies a big storm.  After the howling winds die down, there is utter white blissful tranquility.  Which was so desperately needed after the last year -

I am always convincing myself that I could accomplish so much if I just had a few uninterrupted days - time to organize, to purge, to read, to write, to whatever is on the to-do list that week.  Of course little, if anything, was actually accomplished.  

Dreamy blog hopping.  Net shopping.  Lots of candles and incense and dimly lit rooms.  Fuzzy uggs, baggy braless tops.  Not too much thinking.  Lots of time spent in bed, doing nothing.  Cabin fever?  Ha, I for one, am grateful to have a few peaceful days of not having to do anything or be anywhere for once. Spent doing nothing, because I didn't want to do anything.


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