Sunday, March 28

because something is happening here -

spinning.  caught up in the daily grind again and hating every second.  we had a touch of spring of renewal which was energizing and cleansing, yet here we are with another chilly rainy weekend coming to a halt...
RSB is at band practice and the tree house is eerily silent - leaving me with my thoughts and my daydreams-
Thinking of how I need to get out, go anywhere that is just away - on my ipod this weekend while I was walking around loveton in the sparse sunshine came tp -

Well I started out down a dirty road
Started out all alone
And the sun went down, as I crossed the hill
And the town lit up, the world got still
I used to have such a wanderlust - a desire to just get up and go somewhere - 
just to see something, be somewhere, different.  
Ignoring desires is no way to go through life, on this journey that is so short.  
But there are bills to pay and a clock to punch, a 9-5 world to inhabit.  
So practical and responsible.  
How the hell did I get here ???

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