Sunday, May 23


some things bringing super smiles to my face today

signing the lease on a new place I love &I am completely stoked to create my new home - any chance to deco is definitely worthy of a fist pump
& finally being able to create a home here in Charm City as opposed to just a place to lay my head (at least for the time being)

dear dear faithful lost -
you have kept me mesmerized during your entire run.
&tonight it is all coming to an end.
Between losing you &jack bauer whatever will RSB &I have to watch together???
I mean until Sons returns in September (yay Peggy Bundy for being in 2 of my favest shows)
So many questions -
Please do not disappoint.

RSB, my soul - ever so patient with my manic behavior - 
can't wait to snuggle in for the 4 hour lost-a-thon with you -

Neverending pots of coffee from local yokel coffee shop - thank you for keeping me going today 
&probably fueling my all night study session


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