Monday, August 11


So after much searching I have found bliss. I was starting to feel like Goldilocks out here...nothing quite fit. And then bam, right across the street, a spa/yoga studio, which is the most blissinducing place I have been in a while...excluding the beach of course.

Lately I have been really disconnected on a mind-body-spirit level. I think about it, fret about, constantly. I silently watch myself eating foods which are not nourishing. I sit on my ass most of the day, too lazy to do anything except play on my macbook or watch tv and be a lazy stoner with RSB. An inner voice screams out, "another beautiful day, wasted" as I make excuses such as, I worked all week, I spent the last 2 weeks in school, its hot out, blah blah blah blah...finally sick of it, this weekend I treked out to the NCR Trail, which runs right behind my house for 20 miles, all the way to Pennsylvania. Very earthy, woodsy, wonderful. Wishing I had a bike...So I drug RSB and we wandered for a few miles, him not very happy to be there, me blissin out, feeling the earth under my feet. Last night he was spinning in Baltimore so I ventured out on my own and put in about 3 miles before the grumbling clouds scared me back to my car. And it felt good to get out in nature and move.

Then tonight, still high on my workout kick I decided to explore Ojas across the street. Bliss from the first second you walk in the door. A nice long shivasna, allowing me to reconnect to my body, to my mat. Already the soreness is setting in but the total blissed out vibe I have been feeling for the last few hours is drowning that out. After a good yoga practice everything seems so much more beautiful, sensations amplified. I am so happy I have found a place just to bliss out...


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