Tuesday, June 8


I have a secret.  I am really a skinny athletic yogi trapped in a chubby sweaty girls body.  Its the truth.  She is literally dying to escape.
She is beyond pissed that she can't touch her toes anymore without bending her knees.
98% to backbend is unacceptable to her.
She feels nauseous when she catches a glimpse of herself in mirrors, round and struggling to get into a pose, boobs and belly in the way.
But tonight, for the first time in a long time the chubby yogi and secret skinny mean yogi found common ground.
For the first time
In a long time
There was peace instead of pain in downward dog.
In downward dog the skinny bitch shut her judgmental trap and the chubby yogi found bliss in pose she had been struggling with since getting back into yoga 3 months ago.
For the first time in a long time they were one
Totally entranced in the moment.
&the skinny bitch stayed quiet all the way home.


The 21.5.800 Challenge came most unexpectedly.  But I am ever so glad it did.  
In my heart of hearts I am a writer.  A photographer.  But a writer first and foremost.
But blocked.
Very much so.
Blogging - something I always thought would come so easy to me - has been a challenge.
Lately I have been fearful that I have nothing all that interesting to say.  That maybe I peaked in college (gasp)
That I have been so engrossed in the corporate nightmare that I have lost my desire to live creatively
But with the pledge to write each day, for 21 days.
I feel.
A little sore (probably from the double dose of yoga yumminess today)

&ever so grateful.

As I am about to embark on such a blissful journey.

*Seaside (in my mind) of course*

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