Monday, August 16

aspiring ~

{Sedona, AZ  2005}

last month we moved.  finally.  it was a ridiculously cleansing process.
we purged.
and then purged some more.
holding on to 'necessities' 
letting go of clutter.
it needed to be done 
as we were drowning in stuff -

living in a space which for 2 years never felt like home.
not even temporarily.

we moved closer to the city ~ away from the quiet isolation of sparks

there is space here - clean open space

we are slowly unpacking, only bringing things in that we truly love ~
and improving upon the things that we cannot yet afford to completely replace (PB slipcovers for the cream couches that may have truly given their all for rock&roll)
planning dinners ~ resurrecting the breaking of bread amongst friends
eager to try new things in the spacious kitchen that I plan on sprucing with chalkboard paint 
&teal french doors

still far away from the sea

but will do for now ~

a farmers market, a block away, with perfect corn on the cob that I could literally eat for dinner every night (much to RSB's horror as he does not consider buttery, old bay spiced corn to be that filling of a dinner)

space to get back to my yoga practice
 (which has been woefully ignored since the beginning of July)

an area just for me to edit & write & read to my heart's content

its so close to being there ~
just in need of a little nurturing &
creativity &
love &

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