Wednesday, June 16


Every single time I feel things getting out of control
My solution is to simplify.
Or at least that is the solution that I think will magically solve all my woes.
Drowning in bills and can't seem to catch your breath?
Well simplification will help conserve money.
Everything out of your life feel completely out of control, wizard of oz, house in a twister kind of well?
Well of course simplification will help you gain control again.
Heartbroken, lustful, greedy, envious (inject any of the other deadly sins)
Why, my dear, simplification is surely the key.

I grasp onto this notion.  Focus on it.  Make plans on how to manifest this simplification notion into a reality.  I make lists, mental and physical.
I start the daunting task of organizing and cleaning and packing up bags for Goodwill.
Oh my closet is starting to look good without so much clothing.
Things are picking up.

Simplifying may very well be the cure all duct tape to life!

Day 3 of rice and beans.  Some raw veggies.  Simple simple simple.  That will kick start my newest diet/detox/lifestyle.
No I don't miss those iced skinny vanilla lattes AT ALL.
This simple plain green tea will do just fine.  Yummy.

Eagerly waiting for the stress to melt away.
I've adopted a simpler way of living you know.
Raw, fresh, essentials.
Attachments be gone.

Its about 5 days in that I officially crack.
Possessions bagged up for goodwill sit by the front door, creating clutter.
Piles that were once so neatly organized kicked over, bedroom floor even more disastrous than before.
A pizza binge because it is so much better than waiting 45 minutes for the brown rice to steam.
Dishes piling up in the sink from too many late nights.
Snarling at RSB and kitty because they comment on the toppled piles and bags piled by door as I angrily pound a venti iced skinny vanilla latte.

More time goes by.
Corporate hell draining, funds tights (again), a move looming.
When I move I will simplify.
Perfect timing to start fresh.
Let this place go to hell for the next month.
Then I will begin anew.
Beach vac-a-tion at the beginning of July will be the jump start I need.
1 duffel of clothes.  Makeup free.  Books and ipod.
Fresh farm raw food.
Beach.  Sand.  Salty air.
Simplification at its finest.
Away from all distractions.
I have this all planned out.
The beginning of a simpler, stress free life 
{as I hastily rob Peter to pay Paul with bills}
{and the dishes are overflowing the sink}
{and the recently laundered yoga clothes are in a pile on the bed unfolded wrinkling}
{and the cat is lost somewhere under a pile of too skinny and too fat clothes meowing pitifully}

Yes stress free simplicity
Starts 7/1


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